The kindest words from a friend.

On finding out we had lost our baby, a treasured and wonderful friend from Italy wrote this to my partner and myself:

It brought us great comfort, and I hope that it may bring peace to others too. She claims to be bad at English, but this beautiful letter certainaly proves otherwise.

When I usually say to you,  you wonderful, wonderful and kindly-hearted friend, that I don’t have enough words, in English or even in my own mother language, to express how gifted and honoured I am and feel to have not only lived in the same time as you, but also having the marvellous privilege of having had the path of my life crossing with yours, I am sincere. My heart and my mind have never been capable of imagining such an amazing soul, so incredibly gifted with all the good in the world and so breathtakingly pure. And … isn’t any less, she shines bright in her own, different but still equal in magnificence, perfection. You both are the most perfect example of true love and companionship I’ve ever met, in real life or in art. I can’t imagine or even process what it must be like to lose a new little flame of love and perfection, and I unfortunately, surely won’t be able to lessen your burden enough, even thought God know how much I’d want it. You both are such amazing souls, I have no idea of how could any supernatural being or pre-written destiny try to be so cruel with you. You deserve anything that’s good and joyful in this world, and its more than absolutely legitimate to feel indignated and angry for such a loss. But, as far as purely heartbroken I feel after having to receive such a piece of horrible news from one of the people I think should be given EVERYTHING the world has to offer, I must say that time will help you friend, and I’ll try everything in my or others possession to make you both angelic beings feel less this horrible pain. I love you and … , your pain will be also mine, and you two will make it. I hope I will be able to help you both, my wonderful, too pure for this world, friends.

She truely is an Angel of a woman, and we are privileged to call her our friend.

Love and support always, 

Surviving Miscarriage Together 

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