Grief and anxiety after miscarriage 

For some reason the text in this post seems to be glitchy. I have no idea how to fix this but bear with me x

Miscarriage is a trauma, it’s not a medical condition that can be sorted with a prescription and some bed rest. It’s emotional and physical, and while the physical traumas are often very quick to subside, the emotions can last a lifetime.

Here’s some ideas of how to cope when it all gets too much.

What you can do immediately:

  • Just breathe
  • There is nothing wrong with crying
  • Call your partner or friend or a family member  and just talk
  • Ground yourself when you feel overwhelmed:

What can you see?

What can you feel?

What can you smell?

What can you taste?

  • Meditate (I have found that the calm app’s free features are very helpful, you don’t have to subscribe)
  • Touch something comforting such as worry beads
  • Write down what you feel
  • Listen to music
  • Try to picture yourself somewhere peaceful, try to use as much detail as possible and this should distract and calm you.
  • Research. (I find just researching sites about miscarriage and gathering information can be therapeutic, it helps the feeling of isolation to fade)
  • Visit some of the pages on our helpful links section, either via our blog or on our home page
  • Order a Bereavement Kit from March of Dimes

Coping longer term.

  • Counciling
  • Support groups
  • Keep a blog
  • Create a memorial for you baby
  • Mark significant anniversaries 
  • Have a memorial service 
  • You can comment your story to us and we will publish it on our blog
  • Get involved with charity, e.g, the mariposa trust, miscarriage association or March of Dimes.

Love always,

Surviving Miscarriage Together 

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