Remembrance tree

It’s been nearly two months since we lost Emmet, and it’s a date that I am all to aware of is creeping up on me. Today I had to get out of the house. I couldn’t bear it for one more minute. 

I wandered about aimlessly around the village and ended up at the church as I often do. I like to light a candle and send out thoughs, even though I don’t really believe in life after death any more. 

I grew up in that church over most of my childhood, and I seek comfort there long after any belief in God has faded along with my sunday school attendance. 

This year I discovered that Rose Dale funeral home have provided a ‘Remembrance tree’ for the church. With paper decorations in one of the chapels in the shape of candles, to write a message on to or for a loved one. 

You could either put it on the tree in the church, or on the prayer board, put it on the tree at the funeral home itself, or you could take it home and put it on your own tree.

I wrote two. One to put on the tree in the church and an identical one to bring home and put in the memory box I’ve been making.

Someone printed out this quote and put it at the bottom of the tree. The candle you see is the one I wrote for Emmet.

Please comment how others have helped you cope over the holidays.

Love and support always,

Surviving Miscarriage Together x

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