Self care box

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If you’re feeling down at the moment, or as a just in case for when you need it, it can be a good idea to make a ‘self help box’ for when things get rough. And put comforting things in it. I’m putting together one for myself and here are some of the things I plan to Include. The list is only a guide line,put in whatever makes you feel good.

Include the 5 senses. This will help to ground you and keep you in the present, and when grieving being in the present and allowing yourself to process what you feel is important:

○ Sight
♡ Touch
☆ Smell
♢ Taste
♧ Hear

– ○☆ Candle or other comforting scent.
Lighting a candle is also a good way of sending out thoughts and feelings.

– ♡ Clothes to make you feel good.

-○ Journal

– ○♡☆♢ Tea or other comforting drink

– ○♡☆♢ comfort food. Mine is stew and dumplings. It can’t be kept in a self care box, but my favourite sweets can.

– ○ A personal Pinterest board.
(- or print out pictures that you like or paste ones from magazines to create a tangible mood/vision board ) I find Pinterest so helpful for a lot of things. It can organise ideas and help me collect thoughts and ideas into specific boards and categorise them.

– ♧ Music/ playlist

– ○ lighting. Linking back to the candle, I have fairy lights and I find the soft glow very comforting.

– ○ note book or sketch pad

– ♡☆ bubble bath or other pampering items such as face masks etc… I am very protective over my soap and bath things. I label them…

– ○♡☆ a comfort item such as a bear or blanket. Those aren’t just for 7 year olds.

– ○♧ favourite film

– ○♧ phone numbers of friends and loved ones. Even if tou don’t contact them, it is a reminder that you are loved and not alone if you need it.

– ○♡ Fluffy socks. For me socks are a huge part of life. Weird I know, but I am so obsessed with socks. My partner bought me the best fluffy socks ever the first Valentine’s we were together and they bring me so much joy. By now they’re kind of threadbare but I love them so much.

You could also include:

– ☆ essential oils is certain scents help to calm you down. Lavender is supposed to be very calming.

– ☆♡ Hand lotion

– and anything else you can think of.
Love and support,

Surviving Miscarriage Together.

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