At one point I had a twin

​I have spent my entire life knowing that there was once a twin that could have been but wasn’t. 

The type of heterochromia (two different coloured eyes, one blue one half blue-half-green) that I have is caused by there being non identical twins in the womb, two embryos merge into one another and if the weakest foetus effectively dies early enough into the pregnancy (the zygote stage), parts of their genetic structure are able to be absorbed into the other. Before anyone would have detected twins. 

It doesn’t bother my mother,it is something detected only after the birth of the ‘winnning’zygote that got to form into a little human, rather than a blobby mass of developing cells. 

As far as my mother is concerned she has one daughter, one of the pair with different coloured eyes, and there was no loss. In fact it has always been something I was made to feel proud of as a child, due to how unusual it is. 

It has always sort of bothered me though, the idea I have bits of somebody who wasn’t ever a somebody in my eye is vaguely off, it’s not something explainable. It’s both a comfort, like I couldn’t ever be alone, but a sad one, because my twin in their earliest stages of development had to stop being a them to make the eyes I’m so proud of. Being a Chimera is interesting, sort of like having a special party trick that either fascinates people or grosses them out.

I tried taking a picture, but the overall naffness of the light at this time of year rendered that effort somewhat futile. You can see it to a leaser degree in this photograph, though in real life it js far far mor obvious- especially without my glasses, as now I have them, they shield my eyes to an extent due to the thickness of the frames and I get far fewer comments.

Learn more about it here.

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