Five happy things 4

  1. Then ‘New Human’ in the family is a girl and the in laws are calling her Skye.
  2. This makes me happy, being able to buy baby clothes with happy thoughts makes me feel like a ton of bricks has come off my chest after the grief of last week/ the last 3+ months.
  3. I spent five days in a row with my partner and it was really wonderful, although I don’t think we broke our record of ?6? days. Oh the joy of a not quite a long distance thing- at least now one if us can drive!
  4. Valentine’s day was lovely. I think my partner may have a competition with himself to get an increasingly larger card each year 😂.
  5. No more tractors and pirates. I love my nephews but preparing for a baby niece is exciting (my other two nieces are 17 and 8, and I never got the baby part with either). This time there are frills and faries and pink. Also it helps I am older now and a ‘tad’ broody. (Understatement. My hormones liked that joke too.)

    Love and support always,

    Surviving Miscarriage Together x

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