Full Meditation – The Pursuit of Happiness & Peace of Mind


I have found meditation to be hugely helpful in my healing process, I try to meditate for abour an hour every week, sometimes I only manage about ten minutes, but when I feel totally overwhelmed by everything meditation is so so helpful in calming me down and letting me focus on the present. When I meditate I can let the past and the future fade away and I can let go. 

I’ve tried a few types of meditation from classes run by a Buddhist nun in my local Buddhist centre, to youtube tutorials and apps.

I love my classes, but the evening sessions go on so late that recently I haven’t been although I want to start going again.

To fill the gap as it where I have been using the free features of the Calm app. I love this app once I got over the slightly odd voice of the person who talks you through all the meditations. There isn’t any of the bullcrap often associated with meditation and the layout is super easy to use so I would deffinately recomend it if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed. 

There is also a ‘breathe’ function where you match your breathing to the timer which helps me a lit if I feel an anxiety attack headed my way and I need to chill my breathing out before I hypervente. 

Love and support always, 

Surviving Miscarriage Together x

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