15 happy things (5 happy things post 5)

I’m a few weeks behind on my post/think  about 5 happy things a week resolution.

So here goes 15 happy things, they make me happy and I am greatful for them:

1. I am greatful for my Partner, who has unfailingly stood by me.

2. I am greatful for my Mother, and her awful jokes.

3. I am greatful for my brother’s girlfriends brother, who is hilarious, even if he is a menace with a toy sonic screw driver.

4. I am greatful that the Ducks have returned to the school pond, allong with the possibility of adorable Ducklings.

5. I am greatful for my friends who make me laugh,

6. I am greatful for Jane Austen.

7. I am greatful for sappy romance novels of a lower calibre than Jane Austen… they cheer me up.

8. I am greatful that even if my bedding plants all perished over winter, all my other plants have survived. To my surprise I even had one lovely, confused Sweet William flower. 

9. I am greatful for the flowers I was bought last Saturday.

10. I am greatful for a lift to school every morning because me and driving are proving less compatible than I may have hoped.

11. I am greatful for automatic cars, because maybe they might enable me to drive,

12. I am greatful for cake, because who isn’t made happy by cake.

13. The old ladies at work make me happy, it’s like inheriting a roomful of grandmothers, it’s wonderful and I have a steady flow af tea and cake while I work.

14. I am happy that my Sister in law loves all the things I have made/got for Skye.

15. I am happy that I have finished History coursework, within the deadline, and that is no longer hanging over me. Hallelujah.

All in all, I find I am made happy by, and greatful for, far more than I thought before I started writing this post. Consequently I am reminded why I started. I recommend it when you feel awful.

Love and support always, 

Surviving Miscarriage Together x

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