Things can only get better

If you’re getting tired of my using song lyric puns for post titles sorry​ not sorry… It makes me laugh. My sense of humour is dogey and always has been. Bad jokes make me giggle, such as:

Q. What do you call a laughing piano?

A. A Yamaha-ha…

I know. Terrible. 

Point is I find things funny again. I’m not ashamed to laugh. I don’t catch myself feeling guilty for smiling anymore, as if somehow my beingy being happy was betraying my baby because I could forget the sad just for a moment; and if I could forget the sad then what if I forgot them?

I can confidently say that the worst day of my life has already happened beginning at 12.06am on an October Saturday. Any other losses and I will at least have the knowledge that things can and do get better. 

So, right now as the song says ‘things can only get better’. 

Love and support always, 

Surviving Miscarriage Together x

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