Emmet, our little flame.

Our story has been featured on Tommy's website, a charity helping people dealing with babyloss.


Every moment of my life is now coloured by their absence. Every family photo will have a gap, every photograph I see of myself there is no bump, no Emmet. We won't meet them on the 22nd June. Instead that day is just one we will have to endure. 

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Just keep swimming x 🐋

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I love this

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The Importance Of International Bereaved Mother’s Day


Wow. So many people 

Thank you so much to anyone who has taken the time to read this blog, and to everyone who has offered support. I cannot express how greatful I am, and how humbled by the love and strength of so many I have met on this crazy journey.

International Bereaved Mother’s Day 

Apparently 7th March is International Bereaved Mothers Day


Un changeable, Unforgettable, you taught me love.

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Don't beat yourself up if you don't always feel as complete as you would like

So many angels, too little reason

Same Person, Different Me...

Earlier this week I was told some old acquaintances of mine from many moons ago have unfortunately lost their first born baby with no reason.

I wish that I could say that this was an irregular occurrence in our world… But it isn’t. It happens all too often and it isn’t talked about enough at all.

I know this new mum and dad will be devastated. They won’t be sleeping or eating. They won’t be functioning as normal human beings should. They won’t be showering, they won’t be answering the door, they won’t feel like they are living. They will be having nightmares and right now; they are living a nightmare.

People will be trying to help them and all they will want to do is scream at them. Their friends and family will be hoping that they are saying and doing the right things; who knows, they might be…

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5 happy things 14

I've had to fish a moment for these 5 happy things, but I like trying to find them as it means I get a positive end to my week. Although this is a bit late as it's a tuesday. Oops.

After 7 months 

Today has been 7 months.

The saddest possible thing.

The saddest possible thing is that this little shoe is bigger than my baby ever was, although they we're meant to wear it.  The saddest possible thing is that I only have one, their Daddy has the other. The saddest possible thing is that I have had that shoe longer than I ever carried them, … Continue reading The saddest possible thing.

After a Miscarriage: Surviving Emotionally


Emmet’s poem

The baby isles: Avoiding things after miscarriage.

Surviving Miscarriage Together

I am apparently a glutton for self punishment.

I didn’t used to think I was, but time is proving otherwise.

I found, and still find, that it can be all to easy to fall into unhealthy habbits when you’re at your lowest. Picking at the wound so that it doesn’t heal is one way of keeping the memory of your baby alive, but it can cost you you in the process , so beware the insidious creeping of denial and self punishment.

When I’m shopping alone still find myself drawn to the baby isles with a strong desire to pick out clothes, even though in my heart I know that there is not, and will not be a baby to buy things for in my life. I still stand and look at the tiny booties and bibs with born in 2017 embroidered onto them, and little boy’s coats with dinosaurs…

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Time travel

Surviving Miscarriage Together

​If I could go back to myslef in those early days of pregnancy, when I was in the middle of the whirlwind. I don’t know what I would have said, or in all honesty what could have been done differently.

But I know exactly what I would say to muself as I sat on the floor of the shower numb and screaming silently as I watched my dreams quite literaly go down the drain.

I would tell her to go upstairs and just tell her mother, seek the comfort I denied myfelf because I was ashamed.

I would tell her to go to her mother, because the gap now seems so big that it is nearly impossible to breach.

I would tell her that she would not be alone, that her partner would not be relieved to not be having a baby before they were fully settled into adulthood but…

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Whisper support group

Surviving Miscarriage Together

Surviving Miscarriage Together also runs a support group through Whisper

fing ushere.

Love and support always,

Surviving Miscarriage Together x

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Saying goodbye 

Surviving Miscarriage Together

I cannot put into words how much this charity’s website and reasouces have helped me. The site itself, the quotes on the pinterest page, the leaflets, all of it.

To go to the site click the linkhere.

For the Facebook link clickhere

I hope it helps you too.

Love and support always,

Surviving Miscarriage Together x

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