5 happy things 13

This week’s 5 happy things are

1. The Dahlia I had given up on as dead has just sprouted, the others have buds on.

2. My partner brought me flowers on Saturday and they are so so pretty.

3. My cat has been super friendly and clingy, she was asleep on my desk or right next to me all morning, and has been super friendly to the point of it being out of character. ( Ebony’s nicknamed ‘resident evil’ for a reason – as a younger cat she was super bitey. She has mellowed. Sorta)

4. I spent Monday night, Thursday night and Saturday night with my partner. I think it may be a record. (I seriously need to move out of my parents house asap. September is not coming fast enough, although I’ll be further away.) We had a good talk and I needed that.

5.  My ear infection has pretty much gone, I have not fallen over all week and the dizziness is better. Whoop whoop. 

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