5 happy things 14

Last week was not my week. About a hundred little things mounted up and got the better of me for a bit. I’ve had to fish a moment for these 5 happy things, but I like trying to find them as it means I get a positive end to my week. Although this is a bit late as it’s a tuesday. Oops.

1. Sunshine. It makes me feel better. 

2. One of my sweetpeas has flowered early and my allotment is blooming. 

3. The family meal on Saturday night was lovely.

4. The beautiful patio rose that my partner bought me for our anniversary is budding and should bloom soon. 

5. No matter what has gone wrong this week my partner has always been there for me, and has been my biggest cheerleader and comfort.

Yeah, so pretty much all of my hapoy things this week have been flower related, but gardening makes me happy and digging until I could hardly walk on sunday took out a lot of the stress of the week, so it’s certainaly therapeutic. 

What has everyone else done this week week or last week that has made them happy?

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