Wow. So many people 

I was looking at my blog stats today and my total views are now well over  1000, and nearly 350 different people have read or viewed parts of my site, and we have 30+ followers 

It’s crazy. I did start this blog with the idea maybe someone might read it and it could help them. I just wrote about what has helped me with no particular goal in mind.

I started this as a way to cope, to reach out to other people who have also suffered similar losses and to gain and give comfort. I never expected followers, I just wanted somewhere to write.  

Thank you so much to anyone who has taken the time to read this blog, and to everyone who has offered support. I cannot express how greatful I am, and how humbled by the love and strength of so many I have met on this crazy journey.
My friend and fellow blogger Ocean helped me start another craft blog which I abandoned. Sorry Ocean. I pretty much oy made it so she could show me what to do before I had the guts to tell her why I actually wanted to start a blog, and she has been a bedrock for me, despite her own troubles. 

I would also like to say thank you to Mae Hegan, who I count now as a blog friend and who is so lovely and supportive. Also Pink who was the first person ever to comment on my blog, and who always leaves such beautiful words of encouragements in my comments, whenever I seem to need them most. So thank you to all three of these lovely ladies, and also everyone else who has taken the time to read, comment reply and follow. 

I cannot say how greatful I am to have this outlet, and to have reached so many others enduring loss, infirtility and other daily struggles whose love and support has got both my partner and myself through some truely difficult and un navigable times. 

Love and support always,

Surviving Miscarriage Together x 

4 thoughts on “Wow. So many people 

  1. oceanoffear says:

    Don’t worry about the abandoned craft blog, I am queen of abandoning blogs! I am glad you have found an outlet that can help you though this awful time Xx

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  2. Pink says:

    Aw you’re welcome. I’ve been where you are. It hurts. It hurts like hell and even though you never forget it, eventually it hurts less and someday maybe you can talk about with others without crying. Maybe. I’ve still not reached that point yet but if my experiences can help others then they are important even if they are really painful.

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    • survivingmiscarriagetogether says:

      Honestly thank you so much. I cannot express how much it meant when you told me it would get better with your first comment on my blog. All I had recieved was medical jargon and what I could find out for myself. Having someone say it would be okay without the usual platitudes of ‘you’re young enough to have another etc’ gave me light when I couldn’t find any and I cannot say thank you enough times for that.

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