This was supposed to be done in May, last month, but I was a bit slow to jump on the bandwagon and missed the first few days, so I thought I would do it this month. I found about it through Still Standing Magazine’s web page, as they have an article on it.

You can find the official facebook page here

Still Standings page described it as when

‘The participants share the creative images and words of reflections on social media like Instagram and Facebook. Using the hashtags #MayWeAllHeal and #MWAH2017 allows participants to find one another and read and comment. On the event page on Facebook there is also space for participant to share and communicate with each other.

Participants feel enriched through this experience. They said: “I feel comfort here” or “I’m so glad I found the May We All Heal event because it is so beneficial for my healing”.’

I hope this helps. I did share the link last month, but I wanted to do it propperly and with thought, and because I feel like I may need to heal this month a little month than I did in May, and so I didn’t just start on the day I found it.

The overall theme this year is ‘Mothering a love so big’.

The themes for each day are:

1. Imagine
2. Life
3. Timeless
4. Wish
5. Empty
6. Patience
7. Be gentle
8. Magic
9. Possibility
10. Listen
11. Tree
12. Wound
13. Colour
14. Remember
15. Tears
16. Sunshine
17. Friend.
18. Reflect.
19. Succumb
20. Distance
21. Communicate
22. Sky
23. Ink
24. Fragile
25. Celebrate
26. Love
27. Soothe
28. Broken
29. Light
30. Quiet
31. Future

I don’t see why you shouldn’t join in on a month that means something to you if you don’t want to wait until next year? 

Love and support always,

Surviving Miscarriage Together x 

3 thoughts on “#MayWeAllHeal

    • survivingmiscarriagetogether says:

      The Miscarriage Association website, Saying Goodbye and the Mariposa Trust are good to check out. NHS websites are also good for factual information. If you want more information regarding #MWAH2017 head to their facebook page.
      Sands is a charity that deals with Stillbirth and neonatal death rather than miscarriage, if that is more what you are looking for.
      Tommys is also goof for articles similar in style to Still Standing Magazine, which is how I discovered #MWAH2017 x


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