5 happy things 16

1. My patio rose is blooming. 😊 

‘Hand in Hand’. My partner bought it for our 5th anniversary and it’s the first time it has flowered.

2. Sweet William explosion! We literally filled two buckets of flowers this afternoon!!! 

3. My dark sweet peas have flowered and as they are anuals thay smell lovely. My sweet pea ‘everlasting love’ mix are acting like it’s the day of the triffids! They have gone rampant everywhere despite the teepee and lots of string. I should be over run with sweet pea flowers in the next few weeks.

4. I have had a week off which has been very pleasant. Spent a lot of time reading in the garden (sadly only textbooks, my exams start on the 9th) 

5. I got lots of new wool. Now starting a christmas jumper 😂 although I have been banned from seasonal trimming… My partner wants to wear it more than just Christmas. Spoil sport.

Yeah, so my week has been books, flowers (so so many!), and knitting. Pretty good actually, despite June. 

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