Resources for men

Surviving Miscarriage Together

There isn’t enough support regarding men and their experience with miscarriage, so I did a little research and came up with this

This will take you to the google search

Men and miscarriage leaflet the miscarriage association:

online leaflet

Cosmopolitan magazine article

An article form the site ‘the art of manliness’ is availablehere.

‘Baby centre’ article

Another online leaflet

Huffington post article

Link to Mens health forum

The Telegraph ‘why didn’t anyone ask if I was okay?’
‘Sunshine after the storm’a book available on Amazon has father’s perspectives as well as mother’s, on grief after loosing a child and or pregnancy.

I have found it to be a very healing read, however it also could act as a grief trigger as it is exceptionally sad in places (as one would expect), so I have found it is best read in stages. Although it states that it…

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