Thoughts after miscarriage 

Surviving Miscarriage Together

While my pregnancy may not have made a baby, it did make a mother.

I became a mother as soon as I suspected I was pregnant, the test just confirmed what I knew in my heart.

From that moment, dispite the rising panic, I felt this huge surge of love that I could never have comprehended was even possible until I felt it. I knew then that nothing and nobody was going to stop me from keeping my baby; my life, my plans, they didn’t matter. This wasn’t ‘throwing my life away’. This was being the best mother I could be with what I had.

I didn’t even consider that I wouldn’t get to hold my baby. I didn’t consider that I wouldn’t have to stand up and fight for them when people said I was too young.

I was preparing to fight, to live, it just ended up being…

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