Day 7. Be Gentle #MWAH2017

Today’s prompt is be gentle. 

I will admit I am not ways very good at being gentle with myself. I try to practice meditation and self care but I often fail. I struggle to form the good habits needed to take a moment out of each day to meditate, as, if I am honest I would rather re watch episodes of Dr.Who and Supernatural, or be knitting. Or read or do gardening than meditate, but when I do it does tend to help. 

I am good at being gentle with animals, taming my gran’s chickens till they would ride on my arm as a kid, and putting rescued birds and hedgehogs to small to keep the winter on their own, in heated boxes. We have overwintered quite a few hedgehogs. Some make it. Some, who have been poisoned with those dratted slug pellets aren’t able to be helped, even wih alovera to help remove the poison from their digestive system, and heat pads and olbas oil and a million wishes. But a rant on slug pellets isn’t what I am trying to write about, although trust me I can rant about hedgehogs and the dangers of garden poisons for longer than anyone who has prompted such an outburst would care to recall. Hedgehogs, although we try not to let them get tame sometimes have to be hanes a lot and do get very tame very quickly. We had one for such a long time that when it came for him to be picked up he wouldn’t even curl up into a spikey ball. He would sit on your lap as good as anything when we checked for fleas and marks, and let you stoke the smooth spikes and his tiny head. 

For such a spikey little crature he had such soft fur, and gentle soft little paws. I kind of relate a lot to hedgehogs. They’re all spikey and lord knows I have been accused of that more than once. I’m good with kids but other people I can be terribly short with. 

Their sharp outers can wound despite their best efforts, but with effort they can pull them down and be soft and no longer defensive. 

But if they lose their spikes for whatever reason they are no longer safe. They need their spikes, their spikes, like mine, protext them from harm. 

They’re small and brown. Cute but spikey. Gentle yet tough and defensive. 

We found a tiny Hoglet in our front path, it was super small and in need of a lot of food and water but it was summer and they were a good weight for their size. There was a bit of a Mexican standoff as the tiny one was too spikey for the cat to move, so she had to wait. The Hoglet was totally unfaised.

I like hedgehogs. They are always my favorite of any rescue animal we have, although we haven’t had any recently. Bar our rescue dogs, but those nutters live with us 😊

Being a bit like a hedgehog helped me to survive for a long time, and like how gently you have to pick up hoglets or an injured bird, or catch a bee to take it outside, I wish that the world would just be gentle with me, and anyone who has ever suffered the rench of grief that accompanies baby loss. 

I wish that the world is gentle today to anyone who needs it. Everyone who reads this probbably needs a little gentleness. So I hope that the world treats you like an over wintered hedgehogs, so that you are safe and warm and don’t feel threatened by day to day life enough to uncurl a little bit and enjoy the day.

Love and Support always, 

Surviving Miscarriage Together x

The same wee Hoglet as before.

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