“One in Four” The Exclusive Club No-One Wants to be Part Of

Oh Beehave!

You might be surprised to learn that 1 in 4 people experience a miscarriage.

You probably know more than a few people who have experienced one.

These people are your close friends, your relatives, your sister, your aunt, your best friend. The lady in the shops who looks so sad, but can’t tell anyone because that’s just not what you do in times like these.

You probably don’t know about the pain these women and men are experiencing, or the fact they are even experiencing it, because many of these people feel as though they cannot share their pain, or their stories of loss.

Some people want to, but don’t know how.

Other people have shared, and found it made others feel so awkward or uncomfortable, that they decided never to speak of it again.

Some of us feel so guilty about the fact that we experienced this loss, that…

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