Possibility #MWAH2017

*Contains religious content (christian). If Angel babies aren’t for you then I apologize in advance, but it has helped me.

I like to believe in the possibility of Angels, the idea that there is a chance that I might get too meet Emmet after I have done my term on this planet comforts me. I find this difficult to reconcile with the fact that for the majority of my life I have been raised in a family of (converted?) atheists who are anti organized religion as a whole. 
I spent my early childhood raised as a christian before everyone jumped of Noahs ark and onto the Beagle with Darwin. We went to Sunday school, cafe church, I was in the nativity and went to Holiday Bible club every year. I attended a CofE primary school and high school. I have been gifted and therefore own quite a few bibles ranging from the Osbourne children’s ilustrated Bible, to a Gideons and a King James. 

However as my mother was even then anti indoctrination, neither I or my siblings were ever christened, as we were allowed to choose to persue or not persue faith when we were older. 

I always prefered to term mysf a Humanist as I was of the opinion that if religion is your thing go for it so long as it does not harm others. 

The ‘do no harm’ view has got me into a few heated debates with the rest of my family who are pretty much totally against everything religion period.  

I do believe in God (that path has been rocky), but not creationism, I’m still a Darwin girl. Due to the fact I created this site with the intention of there being a reasource that does not cram God and Angel babies and religion down your throat, or tell you that loss is ‘all part of Gods plan’ etc… I do not wish to elaborate further on that.

I found the Angel baby thing saccharine initialy, and the Gods plan troupe is frankly not my thing in so many ways I’m not even going to go there.

But you know what, I you want to believe in those possibilities you go for it. It helped me and has helped others.

Another thing that I have found lately is a Russian artist called Victor Nizovtsev who is famous for painting these gorgeous mermaids and Angels, with an amazing play of light and shadow (I will spare you the Art Nerding). 

He has a few pictures of teeny tiny Angels that fit in tea cups, and if you lost your baby as I did, I feel more of a connection to the tiniest teenyest of Angels, than the cute chubby new born sized cherubs. A lot of his work containing tiny angels have obscured faces and quite a few are genderless too, which is really sweet.

Victor Nizovtsev. This little guy in a tea cup melted my heart.

Victor Nizovtsev

Victor Nizovtsev

Victor Nizovtsev

Victor Nizovtsev

Victor Nizovtsev

Victor Nizovtsev

Victor Nizovtsev

Feel free to share your own Possibility interpretations in the comments section, and we can publish your suggestions. 

Love and Support always, 

Surviving Miscarriage Together x 

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