Day 10. Listen #MWAH2017

Todays prompt is listen.
I like to listen, and, as I am not so slowly going deaf, I like to listen to as many sounds as I can, because, to be honest hearing aids can only do so much. 

Music has always been a huge emotional outlet, wether that is making it, listening to it or dancing too it. 

Music like poetry, is often a way of finding someone who has put into words what you also feel. For this reason I made a playlist, which I add to slowly as I hear songs which fit. The songs either relate to babyloss, remind me of Emmet, or simply pick me up when I feel down.

Often after a loss, especially babyloss as nobody seems to want to talk about it, ever, it can be hard to find someone who will just listen without judging. Or listen and then not reply with something stupid or insensitive or just downright cruel.

There is no sound better to my ears than my babys name. Seriously, nobody ever really says their name except my partner and I. I could listen to someone say their name over and over and never tire of it, because if someone says their name then they aren’t forgotten. 

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