5 happy things 17

1. OMG my new shoes arrived. They are an early birthday present from my parents as I have a formal event to go to the end of this month. They’re my main Birthday present for this year and they are sooo amazing. They are even comfortable!

They are the most perfect shoe in the world!

2. I have completed my first (and worst) exam and only have three more to do. Hallelujah!

3. Did I mention the shoes. Eeeeek. Also my legs are healing, slowly but well, so in time for said big event they sould be fine to clomp about in heels (rather than my boots.) Luckily for me my (bargain £7.50 charity shop) dress is also super long so I can wear my leg supports if I need too 😊

4. I straightened my hair the other day and it is now just below my shoulders. Considering I went from nearly shaved with bald patches I feel I am doing pretty well. Normally it is so curly it’s to just above my chin. Soon it will be long enough to cut off now my baldy bits have all grown out (thanks codene you crap ass medicine). I am going to donate it when it it long enough to meet the specs of the ‘Little Princess Trust’ who make wigs for kids with no hair.

5. Weather is good and the Tories didn’t get a majority which we were all pretty pleased about down our neck of the woods.

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