5 Happy things 18

I’m a day late for my 5 Happy things, but Fathers day was hectic and emotional and I just didn’t get round to it. I was dealing with family and then I hibernated a bit instead of writing and watched Sense 8 on Netflix and revised.

1. The wather, it was 30°C yeaterday! Soooo warm, we made lemonade and had a family dinner, for fathers day/ my Mum’s birthday which is on the 21st.

2. Two exams finished last week and so I have my last exam on the 22nd and then I am a free woman! I have done 4/5 so far.

3. The flowers in the garden are blooming. They keep my mood up.

Source Survivingmiscarrigetogether

4. I had the first Ice lolly of the year! It’s officialy warm enough here in Britain for us all to go lolly and paddling pool mad!

5. It is now less than a week until my summer holidays start, a good break before I move out and go off to Uni. I’m a bit nervous to leave home, but looking forward to the summer and a new start.
This week is going to be hard, I have spent the past month dreading my due date, but I am desperately trying to keep positive and not let it get me down, as I need to pass this weeks exam. I am free to feel after that, and I am so glad we go on holiday to Cornwall on the 30th. If my blogging is erratic from the 30th, I will be busy having a much needed break and reading novels.

I am going to try to schedule a few posts so as not to be radio silent, but I will be slow to reply to any comments etc…

I hope everyone has a good week, I am praying for the strength I will need to get by.

Love and support always,

Surviving Miscarriage Together x

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