Day 20. Distance #MWAH2017


The distance between now and losing Emmet is nearly 8 months. In that time we have: both got sick of saying them and named them Emmet on the 14th December 2016, loved them, got sick of still saying them and realized that we both thought of them as a little boy 19th June 2017 after a very emotionally draining day.

Through this distance we have travelled through time, tears, breakdowns, grief, love and navigated the alien world of life after loss.

In this distance I started a blog, an Whisper support group, set up an instagram page and started the #ForeverLoved Balloon Project. I have also survived this, which is the most important point.

Now I have the distance to look back on October and the months that followed I can see how far I have come with my partner on this emotional rollercoaster.

Love and support always,

Surviving Miscarriage Together x

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