Day 21. Communicate #MWAH2017

Todays prompt is communicate.

I try hard to communicate what I feel, sometimes I achieve the rare feeling of having captured the essence of what I have been trying to express, but mostly it escapes me. I know I am often guilty of ‘bottling it up’ as my Partner would tell me.

I am not naturally as open with my feelings, especially with others and even to myself, as perhaps I should be. I do tend to keep things in my head unless I am blogging or doing art, but in terms of face to face communication and speaking about how I am feeling, I am not well equipped.

I struggle to get the words out to express what I want to say.

This blog is pretty much how I communicate to the world my pain and grief, and the ups and downs of navigating life after loss.

This journey in the baby loss club is crazy and unending.

We should at least try to talk to one another.

Love and support always,

Surviving Miscarriage Together x

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