Day 22. Sky MWAH2017

The prompt for day 22 is sky. 

Source Pinterest

I didn’t get round to writing this blog as I was so bust with our #ForeverLoved Balloon Project which was a real success! We commemorated over 200 babies yesterday, and it was a really good day, I’ll write more about it later.

When I found out I was Pregnant with Emmet I imagined them like a little ball of sunset colours, and now sunsets always make me think of him. 

How I imagined our little flame.

The weather has been really good recently, although yesterday we did have a thunderstorm in the morning, there was bright sunshine when we hung up the balloons. I felt sunier too. My own storm was clearing and there was more sunlight. The world seems a little bit brighter today, I feel better for having honoured our baby.

My own photo

Love and Support Always, 

Surviving Miscarriage Together x 

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