Day 23. Ink MWAH2018

Todays prompt is Ink.

I have been considering getting ‘inked’ for a while.

I want something to remember Emmet tattooed on my left side, under my heart so that it won’t be visable to anyone else unless I am starkers.

I either want just his name, or his initials hidden in a wing. I’m not sure which yet.

Source Google Images ‘Emmet’

Source Survivingmiscarrigetogether

On the one hand I would prefer to have just Emmets name, on the other, despite the fact that I will be moving out in September/October my family have zero boundaries when it comes to walking in on people, and if I plan on staying home a bit too for a while in the holidays, the privacy thing is still an issue.

It comes from only having one bathroom/loo- unless you are prepared to brave the elements and pee on the compost heap.

We also have no lock on the door because my brother got locked in once when he was a toddler and 10+ years on we’re all so used to it it’s never been replaced… I expect we sound like backwards savages to those with two bathrooms and no need to pee on the compost heap, but there you go.

It is normal to have my shower interrupted by my Mum who is happy to sit and chat away from the boys, and as I don’t feel comfortable talking to my family about Emmet yet, having his name tattooed on my ribcage would raise some questions I am not ready to answer as there is no privacy in my house.

So while I really want a reminder that I can carry with me and never have to take off, I don’t think I can just yet which is frustrating. I love my family but I want out of this house.

What if any tatoos do you guys have?

Love and Support Always,

Surviving Miscarriage Together x

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