5 happy things 19

Here is this weeks 5 Happy things.

1. The #Foreverloved Balloon Project success. Just wow. I feel so much lighter after doing that. It was amazing and humbling too see all those names, and to know we have helped 200+ families find some comfort makes me really happy.

2. I saw my partner write ‘Daddy’ next to where I wrote ‘Mummy’. I felt validated as a parent, and seeing my partner write ‘Daddy’, just thinking about it makes me smile. Because he is Emmets Daddy, even if nobody else sees it, and he is a damn good Dad. He will make an amazing Father to any future children we might have.

3. It is nearly the end of June. While the 22nd was both heart breaking and wonderful, it doesn’t change the fact that I still (not so) lowkey hate June.

4. I have a Pink streak in my hair. I feel a bit more me again now a little bit of the pink hair is back. I spent two years conforming to a sodding dress code and now I am free again. It is also the first time I have felt up to really investing time in my appearance since October; when it wasn’t a necessity created by the fact I have an event to attend. It was because I genuinely felt like it. I also painted my nails earlier in the week. I hadn’t done that for a really long time either, and I liked seeing it. I have come a long way from the girl who stopped really trying and who couldn’t manage more than crying in leggings and my partners hoodies. I feel more like myself again, although I can’t go back to before October, and I don’t want to, I have gotten back some of my ‘Muchness’.

5. Holidays. What more is there to be said. Lie ins. No revision. Bliss.

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