Day 26. Love #MWAH2017


Love is why we have Emmet, well if you were going to get all sciencey with me, you would correctly tell me that actually it was sex, but eh. I love Emmets Daddy soooo love it is.
Besides it sounds more poetic.

And it’s better than anyone turning around and calling him an ‘accident’. Which he wasn’t. Emmet was a surprise, but an accident makes him sound unwanted, and unwanted he was not. We have always wanted children with each other, Emmet just came earlier than either of us had anticipated. You say so and so has an accident when they break a leg, or a kid takes a pee with their trousers on. I don’t want that said about my baby. 

Emmet exists because there are two people in a committed relationship who love each other. we also love Emmet more than anything, and screw what other people think. I don’t care if we are ‘too young’ or that we are still unmarried. 

Love is what makes a family, as much if not more than blood. And we are a family. The three of us. 

I love my boys, my partner and Emmet are my whole damn world. 

His love for me has kept me sane these past 8 months, he has loved me and always been there for me, when I got sick, through all the hospital stays in the last 5 years, and brain scans and not being able to walk or talk propperly, and most of all when we lost Emmet. 

Love has sometimes been the ony thing that has kept me going. My family often bellittles this love, saying they didn’t think it would last through high school, and the 6th form, and now they say the same thing about University. 

We have been with each other for 5 years, we were childhood sweethearts. He has stuck by me through everything, and although we are both hurting over Emmets loss, we are stronger tohether than we have ever been. I am marrying the man for gods sake, I’d say this is going somewhere. 

Love is important. 

Love makes family. 

Source Pinterest

I have personally never watched this film, dumb I know. I would probably love it as I am a bit (read a lot) obsessed with Elvis. My partner loves it. I think he likes that Stitch makes a lot of mess? He doesn’t like singing that much in Disney films so figures he would like it. I love Frozen, he hates it, too much singing. I sing Frozen songs to annoy him (affectionately obviously).

Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.

And that is why I will not be ashamed of my love for Emmet, or my grief. Emmet is family.

Love and Support Always,

Surviving Miscarriage Together x 

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