5 Happy Things 20

1. I got gel nails for the first time ever. I am very impressed. I have put up a tent and they’re still not chipped! Frankly I am amazed.

Source Survivingmiscarrigetogether.

2. I am on holiday in Cornwall and there is good weather.

3. I have a new Niece! Skye was born 1st June 2017! I am biased but she is adorable. Unfortunately I am on holiday the opposite side of the country, but I have seen photographs 😊

4. I managed to go on a short beach walk. This is the first time in years that my legs have been strong enough to walk on sand.

5. I got new socks and they have cats on 🐈 Adorable.

Bonus 6. I have finally had time to read a book! I am reading the first in the Throne of Glass series and it is amazing. 

All in all a happy week!

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