Sandcastles and dinosar wellies 

This isn’t really my story, it’s my partners, as it was his dream. But here I am writing about it so I guess you’ll just have to hear it from me second hand as it were.

He told me this morning as I woke up  (very slowly, he is a morning person- I am not) that he had drempt about building sandcastles with Emmet at the beach. 

I asked him what he looked like, and he said brown curly hair (considering we don’t talk about what we think he would have looked like much, (read at all)  the fact that he dreams of him the same way I imagine him would be kind of freaky if it didn’t make me happy (I guess anyone reading this who hasn’t lost a baby now thinks I’m nuts). 

He said he was wearing a stripy top with those kiddy cargo shorts with all the pockets to shove kid stuff and dirt in, and dinosaur wellies, that he had brown curly hair, blue eyes and needed help with building the sandcastles. (I mean if course he had dinosaur wellies, what small boy with history nerd parents doesn’t?)

I don’t really dream of Emmet, except the nightmares where I loose him all over again, or where a tiny child with brown hair runs away and I can never catch them because my legs just give out. 

I certainly don’t get dreams like that, where we can build sandcastles and hug. I wish I did. They sound wonderful.

I sort of wish I could believe dreams are messages from the other side, and that he really was visiting us. But I think that is stretching the limits of my faith in the other world a bit thin. Still it’s a comforting thought, even if I don’t believe in it.

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