5 happy things 21

1. I held Emmets cousin Skye last Tuesday. She is adorable and I didn’t have a meltdown.

– – Emmet Fox

2. I spent Monday to Friday with my partner and also saw him briefly on Saturday. Can’t wait until after Uni so I can finally share a home with him -and get all of this vaguely long distance (Growing as of September 😧) stuff out of the way.

3. I missed last week and so I should include my holidays, although there were trying moments as Skye was born and I missed both Emmet and my Partner, and although I would rather have been at home hiding from the world and not pretending to be in holliday spirits, I had a good time.

Source Survivingmiscarrigetogether.

4. I snuck off to write Emmets name in the sand, and on rocks, and with pebbles and sea weed. 

Source Survivingmiscarrigetogether.

Source Survivingmiscarrigetogether.

Source Survivingmiscarrigetogether.

5. I just discovered a bloke called Emmet Fox who has a lot of inspirational quotes- when I saw the source of the quote I liked I got excited. I don’t often see his name places where I myself haven’t put it or purposely looked for. I was looking for positive quotes to cheer up my rather morose instagram feed… 

Love and support always, 

Surviving Miscarriage Together x 

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