‘Expecting Sunshine’ by Alexis Marie Chute

Review of Expecting Sunshine: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘A journey of grief, healing and pregnancy after loss’.

I recently read this book, and I found it a spectacular read. 

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Chutes memoir Expecting Sunshine is an open, honest, emotional and touching documentary of her life following the death of her second son Zachary Jonathan Chute very shortly after birth, due to a condition called Tuberois Sclerosis Complex, the “year of distraction” following his death, and of her experiences regarding pregnancy after loss with her third child Eden. 

Chute does not attempt to sugar coat pregnancy after loss, and frankly that in itself makes this book worth your while. As Chute tackles the subject of parenting her first daughter Hannah while grieving her son, she is open about the joys and struggles of parenting.

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This book is beautifully written, as she moves between the past and the present of the novel seamlessly, with her past experiences melding with the current time of the narrative to create a story full of depth and emotion. 
Now normally I would never have bought and read something like this, as pregnancy after loss is unlikely to be something I experience, and my early miscarriage is world away from the type of loss this wonderful lady and her family have experienced. However, baby loss is its own unique pain, and whatever the cause of your loss, Chutes story is nonetheless heart rending and relatable.

Source @alexismariechute

The author of this book Alexis Marie Chute, who I have since been talking to a bit, tagged me in a post last week on Instagram; due to the fact that we both have similar aims- to break the stigma of baby loss and to help others navigate life after loss. We had both followed each other previously and I was curious about her book, but it was not top of my list of things to read.
This was only because after a spate of reading nothing but books relating to loss in an attempt to understand my own, I realized I wasn’t actually doing myself any good, and in now way a reflection of her writing. For this book however I made and exception, and I am glad I did.

I would strongly recommended you read it, whether you are new to the Baby loss comunity or have been with us for a while, this book will certainly have something to offer. 
It is honestly one of, if not the best book I have read on the subject of Baby loss- and I have read more than perhaps I would care to admit. 

Despite the difficult topics discussed it still makes for a good summer read (or all year round read) if you are looking for a book with a bit of substance and meaning. Even if you yourself haven’t experienced the Baby loss I would still encourage you to read it as it gives a compelling, informative and honest insight into the mind of a parent following the loss of a baby.

I know you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover art, but I will admit the colourful, professional binding of ‘Expecting Sunshine’ did do a good deal to entice me to read it, as there don’t seem to be many published books on the subject of Baby loss. And, often for all that there are, many are not given the care or advertising they deserve by either publishers or cover artists. It is great to see a book tackling baby loss in such a head on way on the market. I hope it makes it’s way into bookshops and best seller lists internationaly as it certainly deserves to. 

I bought it off of Amazon here for my Kindle (just because it was convenient), Amazon Kindle edition is £8.20 and the Paperback is £13.15 (at time of writing) and the link to buy is here, but naturally can get it other places too if you want to avoid Amazon, such as alexismariechute.com

Naturally I queried the tag- 
Why was anyone tagging me in pregnancy after loss posts? I will admit I was a bit confused until I recived this wonderful explanation:

This wonderful lady took the time not only to respond in the nicest, most informative way possible, but she also took the time to remember and use Emmets name in her response, which touched me beyond words.

If you don’t believe me on how great this book is read some of the official reviews:

Source @alexismariechute

Source @alexismariechute

Source @alexismariechute

Chute is also currently working on a documentary following Pregnancy after loss, as referenced in the above conversation.

Source @alexismariechute

Find out more at:


Twitter @expectsunbook




Or check out her website Here

The progress of her documentary, and the link to donate if you should wish is Here

Source- alexismariechute.com

(This blog post is not sponsored, and all thoughts and opinions as usual are my own.)

2 thoughts on “‘Expecting Sunshine’ by Alexis Marie Chute

  1. Alexis Marie says:

    Thank you so much, Zoe, for this amazing book review!! I feel humbled and blessed and astounded, all in one. I am immensely grateful for your words, but most importantly grateful to you for opening up your life and your heart, for sharing your love for Emmet in a way that both honours him and also helps others. You are a brave woman and mother. I celebrate who you are and wish I could give you a hug in person. Thank you more than words can say.


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