5 happy things 22

Going to do a few extra as I have been bad at keeping up to date with my 5 happy things a week lately.

1. Forest School was good fun. I genuinely enjoyed my time working there this summer.

2. Nephew cuddles every day for a week. Need I say more.

3. On the first night my 9yr old nephew decided that his special dino teddy, that he hasn’t really needed for a while, had to stay with me all night so I wasn’t lonely in the upstairs room. (Apparently some members of our family/ my sisters friends think it is haunted!?!). Totally cried like a baby when he had left the room, I couldn’t deal with how sweet that kid is (while being a total pain in the ass simultaneously)! So Dino stayed with me, and I basically told any of my friends who would listen how freaking great my nephew is. And now you guys. (Sorry)

You know. Not that I am utterly biased or totally nesty or anything…..

4. Geo cashing is so much fun! I love it so much. Found a new hobby!

5. Allotment not dead after another week of neglect. Phewww

6. Thai food. If you are ever around Amersham go to Tom Yums. It is amazing. Never had Thai before if it wasn’t from a microwave packet from Lidl so I was blown away by how great it was.

7. Totally vain, but I bought a lovely red and flowers maxi dress from a charity shop (Amersham is full of rich people and so the charity shop haul is fantastic!) It is cooler than the summery trousers I have been wearing and will hide any bandages/supports etc I may have on my legs at any given time, I am short so all my dresses tend to be around knee length as maxi dresses are usually too long.

8. I bought new books for holiday reading. Harry Potter and the Cursed child- I am coming your way… just as soin as I finish the Throne of Glass series I have been reading all summer. Then Lucy Worsleys Jane Austen biography is next on my list.

9. I bought plants. Whooo! Geraniums because my expensive plug plants all died 😧and so I am going for Morrison £1 cheapos so if they die I will not be as devastated. They are not as pretty or as interesting as last years but ehh.

10. Shoulder is healing. I have (fingers crossed) not dislocated it again (so far), and have not needed a trip to A&E. Phewwww.

Hope you have all had a good week.

Love and support always,

Surviving Miscarriage Together x

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