5 happy things 23

So this week has been a bit of a mess, ( a big mess for reasons I won’tgo into) but I have been in Bath for the weekend and it has improved my week no end!

1. I was given a C.1886 sewing machine to fix and do up which will keep me happy for a while yet.

2. My pen pal from Scunthorpe was up in Norfolk so we spent the day in Norwich and she introduced me to Chinese ‘Bubble Tea’. Normally I am not one to take pictures of my food but mine, (the one on the right) was so pretty!

3. Bath is one of my favorite Cities Ever! And they have umbrellas up Stall Street which are soo gorgeous.

I visited the Jane Austen Centre for the first time. I have wanted to go for ages but never did on family trips. I had my picture taken with Jane Austen and had tea in the Darcy Tea rooms.

4. I visited Bath Fashion Museum which I am obsessed with and have been for ages. They had rotated their collection so a lot of it was new to me. Their ‘Lace’ through time exhibition is worth the entry price alone!

5. I went to the Pub with my Partner and met up with our Best Mate which was good. I got a bit drunk on 4! Sips of my partners Guinness and remembered why I don’t drink. It was a good night but I hate the feeling of being Drunk. Nope. Not doing that again. Reminded why the te-total life is for me 😂

Also. Look how freaking tiny my feet are compared the theirs. Size 14 vs my tiny size 3 trainers. Made us laugh anyway.

Hooe you have all had a good week and that there have been at least 5 happy things in it for you x

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