5 happy things 24

This weeks 5 happy things are

1. My brother and his family were over in England from Germany this week in the same area we were on holiday so I saw my older brother, my sister in law, nephew and step niece. It was fantastic! We met up with them twice in one week.

2. I also saw my older sister and Nephew on the way home. We popped in for a cup or tea and a loos stop and ended up staying 2 hours, for evening meal and a dog walk. The dogs all got on famously.

3. We saw heards of Exmoor ponies which was cool.

4. There were pebble beaches and I could draw Emmets name

5. I am going to Lincoln University! I got in and I will find out my adress Thursday or Friday. I have confirmed accomodation. I’ll do a propper post on that later. OMG I am officially moving out of my parents house. Fuck Yesss!!!! About damn time I say, love them to pieces but the idea of escape is all very exciting!

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