5 happy things 25

I have been doing this for 25 weeks, not consecutively as was the plan but still. 25 weeks of honouring what has made me happy is a good thing.

This weeks hapoy things are:

1. Butterflies

2. Yesterday evening I went to a BBQ and cuddled a 9 week old, deaf Dalmatian puppy called Luna. I nearly cried because of how cute she was. I teared up a bit and then felt a slightly stupid. I didn’t ever want to put her down. I just wanted to breathe in the puppy smell and snuggle. She was so so so comforting to hold and pet; I felt peaceful for the first time in a while. I have felt a bit messed up lately and apparently puppy cuddles were what I have been needing. I took a lot of photographs she was dreaming and her lill legs were twitching. I did not want to say goodbye to that lill dog.

3. The amazing @harleyinmyheart (on Instagram) painted this rock in memory of Emmet this week and sent me a photo. She hides rocks around the Chesapeake area for people to find, to remember babies and help spread awareness of P.A.I.L (pregnancy and infant loss).

4. Our amazing Zoo trip for Emmets 10 month anniversary.

5. I was sent pictures of Emmets name in various locations and formats on the 22nd August 2017 to help with the collection of images I am trying to collect for Emmets 1 year anniversary. We will never have baby photos and so I am collecting pictures of his name to hopefully make a photo album, because I hate not having photograps to look at. I will wait till October to share them will you all but needless to say they are beautiful and utterly perfect.

It was probably one if the most bearable 22nd so far, it was awful in places but we alsi made a lit of happy memories which is what we set out to do. I hope everyone has had a week with at least 5 happy things in it x

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