To My Sisters in Loss

“However this happened, there was an instant connection. There’s a wall that comes down when you meet someone who can truly say “I know your pain”. Someone who gets how hard those initial days are, the holidays, the anniversaries, the anxiety, the secondary losses, and the day to day struggles. You can commiserate and even find humor in the uncomfortable situations with me when I share what people have said or done. You understand when I say that today is just one of “those” days, the kind that make you want to stay in bed and forget that the rest of the world is still somehow functioning while you’re more broken than you ever imagined was possible and not knowing how you’ll survive this pain.”

To read the full article by the amazing Amelia Kowalisyn click here.

AMELIA KOWALISYN Amelia’s journey through loss started in 2012 with her first miscarriage. Now 5 years later she has experienced a total of 4 miscarriages and loss of her precious twin daughter Emma Rose at 23 days old. Amelia feels that sharing her story and being open about the pain as well as the healing that comes in time after loss has been an important part to her journey and her mission to helping other families. She encourages families to look for the joy that can be found because of the love we have for our children and tries to find that in each day as she raises her surviving twin son Alex and her second set of twins Cameron and Christian.

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