This amazing lady is a fantastic mum to her three boys, this post struck a chord with me and I thought it might strike one with you too.

Being My Own Rainbow

I saw this meme today and it struck a chord as it covered babyloss and infertility.

Baby loss and infertility are all consuming and both have the ultimate goal of a (living) baby.

I can recall doing all of this when we were trying for a baby before Toby arrived:

  • I knew exactly what day of my cycle I was on without looking at the diary
  • I could feel ovulation pains
  • I spent every day second guessing the slightest twinge or change in my body
  • I would count ahead 9 months all the time
  • I put fun stuff on hold ‘just in case I’m pregnant’ when it happens
  • I changed what we ate
  • I consumed more supplements than they had in Boots
  • I thought of wanting to be a mum from the moment I woke to the moment I went to sleep

Those points are the tip of the iceberg…

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