Here comes Autumn you orange bastard

Apparently September 22nd is the first day of autumn.
And while I would like to immerse myself in pumpkin and leaf everything, I now DO NOT LIKE AUTUMN.

Post Oct 2016 loved it.
Now ehhhhhh. Nope. Not feeling it.

Because Autumn becomes October and I am pretending October isn’t a thing.

I want to. I even drew hello autumn pictures and put them on my wall. But nope. That is outside Zoe putting on her ‘totally normal not a grieving mum’ face. Inside zoe is doing some internal screaming and failing at not getting sucked into thinking about ‘babies first Halloween’ and how then it would be Christmas outfits.

I am not okay with this whole 11 months thing and it is also autumn. Not okay at all. I want time to stop or go back or anything but be where it is right now.


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