What’s in a name?

On the 21st my partner came up to visit me at uni and we could be together for the 22nd.

We stood looking at the window (admiring our handiwork as we have covered my window with static plastic wrap that looks like stained glass and gives some privacy)

I have finally bought a frame for the picture I drew of Emmet and my Grandad David together, just how I imagine they would be if heaven exists.

We looked at it and we discussed his name. Emmet Arnold-Peirson, or Emmet Peirson? We’re not married yet and I sort of prefer the doubled barrel thing although I will definitely only take my partners name. Eh. I think in terms of surname it isn’t that important whose name he has. He is ours in our hearts.

We decided on a middle name, David, as we were so cautious about naming him, or even saying him (as we never got to find out for sure) that we didn’t give a middle name when we called him Emmet.

We discussed hypothetically what names we liked for children before we had Emmet, my partner liked David and Louise. I like David, Liam, William, Rose and hope.

Emmet wasn’t a name on our radar until he was named. And the name David means a lot to me (my grandfather name, and David Phillip are the traditional middle names of my (step)dads family. Both my nephews have David Phillip as their middle names.)

So Emmet David it is.

How strange this world has become.

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