Who They are

Who they are:

Emmet David Arnold-Peirson, our little flame; and the reason this project exists. He is also the reason why I have met so many of you amazing loss parents.

He left us 22nd October 2016 and was due 22nd June 2017. He is our first, and so far only child. Missing him doesn’t cover the emptiness in our hearts.

We associate him with the colour green, and with dinosaurs because of a hat I bought him. Dinosaurs have become his symbol, and our homes are now filled with them. For some reason the Diplodocus seems to be ‘his’ dinosaur, and the little Dino we take with us on adventures is a diplodocus. Baloons are another because of our Baloon Project that we plan to do on his due date every year.

Our Son.

#22daysofhope #hope #lossmama #babyloss #lifeafterloss #Iamthe1in4 #miscarriage

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