Who I am. 22 Days of Hope 2

Day two: Who I am.

I am Zoe. I am Emmets Mum, I have had one first trimester miscarriage (Emmet 22.10.16) and one Chemical pregnancy in the Summer of 2017.

I have genetic based indirect infirtility. I want to adopt in the future, and getting my degree is an important step and one I am only just embarking on as I am a first year student of the school of Conservation at Lincoln University.

I am not a people person but I like to help. I believe everyone is worthy of chances and that you can’t have too many types of tea in a cupboard *unless it is Lidl builders tea and then sorry you should question your life choices. Just don’t drink it. Put it in the sin bin*.

Life it too short for bad tea.

I also love crafts and Gardening and obsess about sea monkeys and books like a crazy person. Writing makes me feel freer and I am always looking to share stories and would love to feature more guest writers x

I was born in Norfolk, UK and I cannot wait to marry the love of my life 💍08.05.16.

I love pets and Gardening and I am passionate about ending the bullshit stigma about Pregnancy and infant loss.

I run and founded Surviving Miscarriage Together (December 2016); and have just been featured on ‘Your Story Matters Today’! @yourstorymatters.today (instagram)


If you would like to know more about me or my story all the information you could ever want (and probbably stuff you didn’t- this is the NO FILTER life after loss, I don’t sugar coat or BS. Miscarriage fucking sucks. And that’s all there is to it in the end. Then read on!)

#22daysofhope #whoIam #lossmama #babyloss #lifeafterloss #Emmet #Emmetsmum #multiplelosssurvivor #infirtility

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