My Pretty Peggy guest post.

Here’s a little guest post from the lovely and tallented Erin of ‘My Pretty Peggy’ @myprettypeggy on Instagram.

I’m Erin of My Pretty Peggy. I was diagnosed with premature ovarian aging and suffered many recurrent miscarriages for 9 years. Supporting others with a similar experience has become a passion of mine. This gift includes a small pocket sized angel baby, a sympathy card and practical support advice for the gifter. The sympathy card includes a letter from me about how the recipient can use their doll with space for you to add a message as well.

Available in the My Pretty Peggy Etsy shop.

Inside card:
“Dear Mother,
The pain of losing a pre-born baby is very real. You were falling in love with and making plans for an irreplaceable child. Likely, you did not have the closure of a burial. There are many ways that the sorrow of miscarriage can go on and on. The person giving you this gift knows that you are grieving and loves you.

There are several ways you may want to use this wooden baby. He or she can be a helpful tool to explain what happened to older children who were expecting a sibling. You can carry this baby in your pocket to remember that, yes, your baby was real. Sometimes a hurting mama just needs an excuse to say the word “baby.” You may want to set this baby in a special place to honor the life of your child and the piece of your heart that is missing. This baby can also be used in an act of closure such as burial beneath a tree, cremation, or memorial. Finally, consider naming your real baby. Naming often helps partners talk about their loss and makes the death feel more grounded. Grief is hard work. Loss has touched and changed you. Know that one day, happiness will begin to sneak back in. In the meantime, please be gentle with yourself.

My Pretty Peggy”

It was an honour to share Erins work and story with you all. As always if you would like to be featured as a guest writer, have your buisness given a plug (babyloss related only please) then head over to our contact page and get in touch.

Love and support always.


Surviving Miscarriage Together x

2 thoughts on “My Pretty Peggy guest post.

  1. Erin says:

    Zoe, What you do is helping so many other loss mamas. Thank you for being transparent in your grief journey with so many strangers to let them know they aren’t aline. Blessings,

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