5 happy things is back

5 happy things is back.

Long story short I was very low, very busy an generally a bit overwhelmed by life in General. I have started University and moved house twice in less than two months as I had a very poor experience in the first flat I was in.

I was also dealing with the emotional fall out of Emmets 1st Anniversary and everything that entailed, and moved flats the same weekend, so 5 happy things was put to the side for a while 😱

Happy thing 1:

Despite the ups and downs of the day Emmets 1st Anniversary was good. I can’t pretend it was an easy day, but it was a good one.

2. We named our Second loss Réalta, which means star in old Irish. I know a lot if people don’t name their babies, especially those lost as early on in the pregnancy as Réalta, but for us, it is how we cope.

3. Emmets Balloon release on his birthday was lovely. We released a second, separate Balloon for Réalta and by partner said ‘look at her balloon, straight up, she knows what she wants’ as it went straight up in the air while Emmets nearly got stuck in a tree… twice, if nothing else that singlemindedness is from her aunt, if the balloons are anything to go by, with all the faffing about Emmet takes after his daddy (and me).

And while we both agreed that while we had said initially we weren’t gendering this baby, that yeah, Réalta is really a ‘girlier’ name (not wishing to gender stereotype but,) And it was agreed that this baby is a ‘she’.

4. The rice crispy cake disaster of the 22nd was fixed by Patisserie Valerie and their amazing panic bought carrot cake slice, you can see our efforts to decorate said cake in the first picture. Needless to say neither of us will be competing in The Great British Bake Off next year… But it tasted great, and he had a cake, candles and balloons which is what mattered.

5. I have a new flat. No mold! Good view, nice flatmates, a garden, working drains, the kitchen is clean despite being used by 11! people, no weed smokers, no boozing on a monday and idiots screaming in a stolen shopping trolley. Basically it is perfect and 100× better than my first attempt at flat living.

There. Those are my 5 happy things, and a bonus 6. It is nearly Halloween (love it) and I go home on the 1st and get doggy cuddles. Back to the awkwardness of being with my parents for a while but worth it to see my pets, Partner and younger brother.

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