5 Happy things 5.11.17

My five happy things for this week are:

1. Dog cuddles. I was at my parents house and while I struggled a bit with my family and 💯 remember why I moved out in the first place it was good to see the pets.

2. I went on a date with my partner for the first time in forever. The fact I then had a shaking fit lasting 54 minutes in the cinema, dislocated multiple minor and major joints and am now in a wheelchair again is not the point. Date. Finally!

3. Two Dates in a week, I am lucky. I got taken to the fireworks display in my parents village (glad I didn’t miss it) and was pushed around by my knight in shining armour (aka work clothes and steel toe cap boots)!

And we won a cuddly ducky for his Nieces. Derpiest duck you ever will see. It’s beak is all wonkey but cute af.

These fireworks are always astounding.

4. I was made these beautiful graphics by @lostinthewomb_henryslegacy on Instagram.

They are so beautiful. We were also sent this 😍

5. Look at this beauty!

Tara of @averysgarden drew this gorgeous picture for Réalta.

Emmet was in the last Avery’s Garden coluring book (out now)

You can buy the latest book here to help support Taras work remembering our babies and she hopes to open a retreat for grieving parents with the money raised.

Also, another thing i am haply about is that I am home. With my wheelchair and my independence. HOME! Yass. I love my new flat and while moving twice in less than two months was stressful I’m glad I jumped ship.

A loo to myself. Better accessibility. Doctors and pharmacy are round the corner and I don’t have to pretend to be okay when I’m not. My family have no say over how I get to honour and remember my babies. They get no say on anything.about.my.body.or.my.own.god.damn.life.choices.


Love and support always,


Surviving Miscarriage Together x

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