22 letters to you. Letter three. Dear Réalta


Dear Réalta,

Yesterday I felt as if I was coping much better, but I was very glad that the snow meant everything I had organised to do was cancelled so I didn’t have to leave the house unless I chose too. My new wheelchair came unexpectedly today and I am hoping it will make it easier to get about. So far it is amazing, it is bright blue and that reminds me of you. I was driving it up and down the corridors and all around the kitchen. Having an electric wheelchair is amazing and I hope that it means I will be able to keep up with any siblings you might have in the future.

I don’t know why or how blue is your colour but it is. I wish I remembered why blue is your colour, but I forget a lot of things. I am hoping I can find some star stickers that aren’t childish to put discreetly on the side. I put an R2D2 sticker on already so it feels more like mine.

It is glittery and fabulous. I also played boggle and ate a meal in with friends, I have tried not to be alone the past few days so I don’t sit and mope about on my own. So far scrabble, boggle, sewing and words with friends against your daddy is helping me a lot.

March without you is going about as well as can be hoped so far.

I felt a lot lighter yesterday and I am glad I am making the effort. I am hoping for a good day today. My friend wanted moral support so I am going to a memorial service with her, except it is via webcam so I’m going but not really. I don’t know how that will go but I can leave if I need to.

Shine bright little one.

As always dreaming of you,

Mummy x

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