22 letters to you. Letter 4. Dear Réalta.


Dear Réa,

Today I wore my brightest yellow jumper because I was tired of wearing dark colours all the time, and the weather is so grey. Even if I feel rubbish, bright colours make me feel cheerful, and wearing my sunshine jumper was the boost I needed to get me out of bed today.

I also bought the most obnoxiously fluffy and colourful sandals in Primark to add to my rainbow arsenal. It was a bit of an impulse buy, but they are great in an ironically tacky kind of way. They have feathers on them and feel like those feather boas I had in my childhood dressing up kit, and are the answer to 7 year old me’s shoe dreams!

Seriously look at all that impractical fluffy awesomeness. They are a bit extra and I love them in all of their their tacky glory.

These shoes made me smile and I would bet my bottom dollar that they will probably get stolen by at least one of the smaller members of my family for dressing up purposes if I’m not looking.

I always wonder, who would you have been? I wonder if you would have tried on my shoes like I tried on my female relatives shoes. My aunts far more glamorous shoes were my favourites to play with, and my cousins and I would parade clumsily around the house in her shoes and all our dressing up box finery.

I wasn’t a girly girl as a child but even when I was little I had a very distinct style, if I didn’t want to wear it it wasn’t going on me. Although I have always had a weakness for fun shoes. (I am so glad I still fit into some kids size shoes because they are the best shoes.) more adults shoes should he that fun. Although Primark are making some amazingly funky shoes at the moment!

My friend from high school is pregnant again with a little girl, and was showing little shoes she had bought for her impending new arrival on Instagram. She has a little boy already and is a great mum, so it’s exciting for her. I like her a lot and feel a bit bad I clicked the block button,for now anyway I am avoiding her and all her bump up dates.

I haven’t been on Facebook for so long that I didn’t even know she was pregnant until she posted the picture of the shoes on Instagram this morning. I had forgotten I followed her on there, it was kind of a punch in the gut, but I’m happy for her and her family, and sad for mine.

It made me miss you a lot Réa, but I’ve banned myself from moping about, so I spent all day with my friend looking in shops we didn’t need to go in when we’d got our groceries. Then looked at cat videos and shoes we’re never going to buy on the Internet for a few hours. It was fun and I was totally adult and had chicken nuggets and chips for tea which I enjoyed a lot.

Love always,

Mum x

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