5 Happy Things 4.03.18

Sometimes it’s the little things that make my day, like fluffy shoes and chicken nuggets.

My 5 happy things for this week have been:

1. Due to the snow days I have spent a lot of time with friends as we’re all stuck on campus to gather and it’s been nice to be so social. Even though I am pretty emotionally exhausted after spending so much time with people. We’ve had Chinese bubble tea, eaten Thai food and played a lot of scrabble and boggle because we are basically all a giant bunch of good food loving nerds which is great. Moving to University on my own is definitely a step I don’t regret taking,even though it’s been really tough in parts. I am glad I’ve tried living on my own.

Not my image. Found on Pinterest no source available.

2. My Powerchair arrived and while I’m a bit bummed out that I need it, it is an amazing piece of kit. I have so much more freedom and independence already. I’ve called it Gulliver, as in Gulliver’s travels 😂 it even does the slope of death, as we termed it. E.g. The world’s least accessible, ‘accessible’ wheelchair ramp. I have to use it to get the shortcut into town and was so happy I can do it on my own as it just made running errands about 5 times faster and easier.

3. I found some really lovely things for your shelf in poundland which I will put up on the 22nd. I find a lot of things there that remind me of you.

4. I bought my amazing fluffy sandals just because and they are joyous and nonsensical and my new favourite thing.

5. I am still supposed to be calorie loading although my body has finally stabilised at an okay weight so I haven’t needed any major intervention. So even though I don’t feel so sick anymore, I still get to eat half a packet of Oreos all to myself every day to try to gain back the weight I lost when I was ill with the stomach flare over Christmas. I am also allowed ice cream for breakfast and I am enjoying every minute of my Oreo consumption. It has to be said there are upsides to this!

Also Ben and Jerry’s do Dairy free ice cream for those of us who can’t or don’t do Dairy and it is the bomb. I can tell you Ben And Jerry’s hits the spot like no other ice cream in the world. I missed it so much and I am so glad it is back in my life!

Sometimes you just need to cry and eat half a carton of Ben and Jerry’s, there seems to be a general consensus among bereaved mothers, and women in general I find, that no other brand of ice cream has such therapeutic properties when soothing the heartbroken as our palls B&J.

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