22 letters to you. Letter 9. Dear Réa,

Dear Réa,

Today was nothing particularly spectacular, I had a seizure yesterday. My flatmates called the ambulance but the paramedics didn’t stick me so I avoided A&E. I was glad about that, today I had bad light sensitivity so I stayed indoors all morning. I should definitely get prescription sunglasses. I was squinting at the floor like a plonker. I have never been happier to see rainclouds; it is a very weird experience, I can’t say I enjoy light sensitivity at all, but on the plus side its like my eyes put on their own fireworks show…

Although I did get to hug two dogs and a puppy. There was a wellbeing event on in the library where you could pet a dog, and then as a bonus I saw the cutest puppy on the bridge!

I definitely recommend hugging a dog if you wake up feeling rubbish. It really improved my mood, I didn’t realise how much dogs do cheer me up, so that made my day brighter.

It’s often the little things that make a day better, like seeing a dog after going through a period of not having seen a dog for over a week. I lived on a popular dog walking spot, as well as having two dogs at home, and so I say literally hundreds of dogs in a week. Not seeing any pets really every day is weird and I’m still not used to it.

I had a meeting today, posted mothers day cards. There is very little to say today, I miss you, I miss Emmet, but I don’t have anything good or meaningful to say. I didn’t really talk to anyone, except the cashier at the post office for 5 seconds to buy stamps and your dad on the phone.

There was nothing remarkable about today, and that’s okay. I have nothing clever to say, nothing insightful. I miss you. I dislike the nearness of the weekend and the looming emotional toll of mothers day.

I am avoiding social media this weekend, I’ll call my mum, and then I’m going to hibernate and watch something on Netflix.

I love you Réa x

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